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Dine with us and bring your Friends ! We are ready to serve you and make your meals a worthwhile experience.


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Kuta Bisto also accepts reservations for weddings, baptismal, birtday and more ,  Please call us at (415) 859-9828

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Try Our Food Specials


Sizzling  grilled pork ears with onions, chilli..Please try our Chicken & Bangus Sisig too...See our menu...  Gallery


Coco Cha-Cha

Craving for dessert?  Don't forget to try our Coco Cha-cha made with sweet potatoes, pinipig..See our menu.. Gallery




About Kuta Bistro

San Francisco has now a reason to celebrate !

Kuta Bistro is one of the few elite Filipino restaurants to hit this side of the Bay Area, located in 4994 Mission St, San Francisco , Kuta Bistro is focused on delivering you not only authentic delicious Filipino dishes but also a finer and much friendlier experience and Atmosphere!

Situated in the bustling outer Mission San Francisco, this SF Filipino restaurant has pretty much changed the landscape of the mostly latin inspired neighborhood adding 

a unique and refreshing Asian touch to the community.